“My Personal Philosophy of Assessment”

“My Personal Philosophy of Assessment”

by vmbacasmot

Being a teacher, assessment has been a big part in my teaching process. It gave me the chance to gauge my students’ progress in learning. Through the process of assessment, it showed me the progress of the students’ achievement. It showed the importance of learning by giving them focus and deep understanding of the subject matter and most importantly, assessment helps in the retention of a subject which in turn will be vital in future learning of advance subjects.

Remember, assessment is not just a requirement that every educator must use as mandated by their educational system. It is not just a means for them to grade their students work and to have a concrete proof of their performance inside a classroom. But,  it would always provide a deeper meaning and significance!

Beyond the grades to show their parents, assessment reveals a deep action where students begins to engage their learning process and starts to evaluate on their own if their work is of quality or not. A significant tool that assessment gives to the students is the process of making every work meaningful by making quality work. I believe that through assessment, students become critical on their work and strive to improve more. For them, it is not just the output of the work that a teacher grades but the amount of time and effort a student used to have a quality work.

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