“Current Personal Perspectives”

by: Von Michaelo Bacasmot

While I was reading books regarding the term assessment, I came across an article which gave me a personal idea of what assessment should be and not just any tool for testing students’ competency:

“Assessment in this spirit does not concern assignment of grades or evaluation of whether instruction was effective. Its assessment designed squarely to feed into the learning process and make the learning stronger.”

David N. Perkins

Making Learning Whole: How Seven Principles of Teaching Can Transform Education

This article gave me a new perspective regarding the significance of assessment. It showed me that assessment is not just a tool to gauge the academic performance of students instead it gives an idea that any lessons learned can be enhanced by the learner through the use of a structured tool. Through these tools, the learner develops not only their critical thinking skills but more so it boosts confidence to answer questions with clarity and certainty and improves self-esteem while answering them. Likewise, assessment helps internalize the value of the lesson learned in a real-life situation. Assessment encompasses both the intellectual and emotional capabilities of students and will help them have a better standard in life.

In my own views, I say that assessment plays a vital role in the teaching–learning process inside a classroom setting. For one, it can detect the strengths and weaknesses of each student. It can determine what course of action to take to enhance the achievers and help under achievers attain a decent grade. All in all, assessment can help students to blossom in time and be a better, and in some way, prepare their way to a better future.

In education, the goals and purpose of teachers are to safeguard; educate and motivate students; to improve their well-being; and to show and develop their hidden potential. These functions are embodied by assessment. Assessment makes students be focused on the goal at hand and drives them to learn with passion and enthusiasm.

In my opinion, assessment is essential and should always be part of the learning process of students. Some educators say that assessment is a means to determine whether a student will pass or fail in a given subject. For me, it’s more than that. Assessment administered in the right time can spell the difference. Through the proper use of assessment, a student can understand fully the lesson and it could be part of his/her stock knowledge. Likewise, the right administration of assessments will lessen the mentality of students to just memorize for the sake of having good grades and tend to forget after its use.

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